Credentials & Insurance

All Lewicki’s vehicles are in compliance to the new D250 specs on Bus Safety.

All vehicles are MOT (Ministry of Transportation) safety approved every six months.  All drivers complete a thorough circle check of their vehicle each morning, and are required to report immediately any malfunction.  In addition, detailed reports on all vehicles are submitted weekly to insure all vehicles are continuing to meet both MOT standards, as well as Lewicki’s own complete standards on vehicle care and maintenance.

Lewicki will maintain a proper supply of back-up vehicles at all times.  In the event of a bus breakdown, Lewicki will have the bus replaced within an acceptable reasonable time limit.

Lewicki Transportation has developed a strict maintenance procedure to ensure our maintenance department complies with all government and in-house rules and regulations.   

All of Lewicki Vehicles will receive a “once-a-week” Bus Wash.

Lewicki Transportation Co. Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Hiring Procedure for Bus Drivers already licensed:

  1. Applicant completes application form.  Included in this form is a box for voluntary “Drug and Alcohol Testing” and voluntary “Criminal Search.”

  2. Applicant to complete a Pre-Hire Test.

  3. Applicant is then required to perform a “Vehicle Circle Check” and Sign “Circle check form.”

  4. Applicant is then required to perform a “Road Evaluation Test” – Even though the applicant may already possess the proper license, Lewicki requires the added assurance that this applicant is still in compliance with all regulations.

If the applicant possesses the requirements to apply for a Class “B” or “C” license, we would then direct him/her to our Driver Trainer.

Our Driving Instructor has an in-depth program schedule for both “Initial Training” and “On Going  In House Training”.     


Lewicki is currently in possession of a $10,000,000.00 automotive insurance policy including third party liability, occupant liability and property damage.  In the event that a higher coverage is required Lewicki will supply such coverage at no additional cost.  Proof of this coverage is available on request.  Lewicki is 100% in compliance with all insurance requirements.